Quick Start Communities

Quick Start Communities

Enhance your customer, partner and employee engagement with the Salesforce Community Cloud and makepositive. We can offer a fixed price for your branded community implementation delivered in just 10 days to get you started, which can be further developed later when you have more to add.


Here’s our 10 day Quick Start Community solution at a glance:

1. Plan

A makepositive consultant will meet with you to discuss your community requirements, advise on options that can be included and outline the solution we will implement. The community can be branded to meet your needs. We will work with you to deliver a cost effective, low maintenance implementation.

2. Build

Once the plan is in place we’ll get going. We’ve implemented over 400 Salesforce projects, over 50 Portal and Community implementations and employ a dedicated team of front-end developers and designers. We’re specialists in what we call Positive Collaboration and we will both implement and provide advice to you in driving adoption of your community.
Here's what you get with our Quick Start Community package:

Create Community 1
Responsive page Header based on Application Tabs using CSS overrides, fonts and colours 1
Landing page for your community 1
Responsive page Footer including navigation branded custom links, fonts and colours 1
Upload community custom HTML templates into Salesforce
Community Profile Config and Sharing 2
Security Settings - only share data with the right people
Sharing Sets - ensure customers can view their data 5
Community App Configure Tabs 10
Community Reputation Setup
Chatter Groups 10
Self Registration & Social Sign In with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn 1
Community Handover - we’ll run you through the changes made so you know how and when to maintain your new community
Template Community using standard templates Optional
Template Community using Custom Site Contact Us
Bespoke Community Salesforce Sites or Heroku Contact Us
Bespoke Visualforce, Lightning and Apex Code Contact Us
Passport 4 Communities Optional *

* Annual license fee applies


3. Check

We will run you through the implementation, gather your feedback and make any last minute tweaks. We will organise user acceptance testing and sign off to provide you and your team with the necessary training to enable you to carry on.

4. Support

Once the project is successfully completed our team of consultants are available should you need additional changes to your Salesforce instance. Our flexible StayPositive support package can cover all your needs.