No experience is the best experience…

  November 21, 2013       Martin Taylor

There has been a growing call suggesting that the best customer experience is when no need for the experience exists. In other words, if you never have a problem with my product or service, it’s better for all that you never call…

I completely and utterly agree with this sentiment or do I?

Clearly, calling up your electricity supplier to congratulate them on the light coming on when you flicked the switch wouldn’t be a productive use of time. I do feel however that there is value in accepting and sometimes encouraging customer contact. It’s only when interacting with customers that you have prime opportunities for so-called ‘moments of truth’.

Given that there appears to be a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that customers remember the human interaction rather than the machine (face to face and over the phone rather than self-service channels), it is worthy of thought and building into your access strategy.
Clearly, there is an operational cost to serve in this method but I believe that when this is factored into the lifetime value of the relationship, in certain markets – especially when you’re differentiating yourself based on service, this can still be a profitable approach.
Technology can provide the wow factor, however it seems to be taken for granted almost immediately and seems to stay in the memory only when it goes wrong. When was the last time you thought wow, that machine has just given me cash when I asked for it? Research shows that the human touch delivers such an impact at times of genuine frustration and this can really add value to the goal of creating brand and experience advocates.

There are examples of combining the human touch together with enabling technology to really ‘wow’ the customer and this is actively being marketed by the likes of Amazon through their Mayday button on their new Kindle Fire.
Remember though, if you adopt this approach, ensure that your operation has the tools to provide the ‘wow’ otherwise it may backfire.
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Blog written by Martin Taylor – Contact centre specialist.