A moment of clarity… what does it take to truly drive customer engagement?

  June 4, 2014       Martin Taylor

What does it take to truly engage your customers and offer a solution/service that turns them into brand ambassadors, profitably? Here’s another blog from our customer engagement expert – Martin Taylor…

I think I’ve just had what’s sometimes termed as a ‘moment of clarity’…

As a technology vendor, I’m used to preaching about the customer experience and how it can be enhanced with the right blend of enabling technology, but I want to discuss a less engineered approach…

What are we all after?

The nirvana must be – a large percentage of our customers act as product, brand and service advocates significantly reducing our marketing, sales and service costs whilst protecting our margins and enjoying trusting relationships…

What does it take to get there?

Us vendors would normally insist that you need to offer service across every possible channel, a jigsaw of integrated systems to support the channels and the rest will fall into place.

I get a raft of e-mails promoting solutions to address omni-channel, mobile, social, digital, contact centre challenges etc. on a daily basis – I’m guilty myself of issuing the same types of mails promising informative and complimentary white papers and guidance – well, I’m questioning it all myself…

What does it really take to get there?

Let’s pick it apart, one thing at a time and see whether we can create the perfect plan.

  1. I know it’s stating the obvious, but you need a great set of products and/or services that address a real need. Far too many companies try and find customers for their offering rather than an offering to meet the needs their customers.
  2. You need to understand and know about your current and potential customers
  3. Your products/services need to be priced competitively and marketed well
  4. You need to service your customers in such a way to demonstrate your understanding of them and more importantly, the situation they are in at the time.

It is then up to you and probably more importantly, up to your customers how many contact channels you offer and how you connect up your systems to support your knowledge of your customer base.

I guess what I’m trying to say is to listen to common sense and your customers – treat the vendor solutions with a pinch of salt – we have a slightly biased view of what you need but we can talk about that in more detail if you call us.

If you’ve got points 1-3 in place and want some guidance on point 4, feel free to take advantage of the advice we can offer. I promise we’ll not over-engineer the solution and we’ll start with a frank conversation about what’s really important to your customers.

Please feel free to connect and we can discuss this and many other challenges in a meaningful way that is specific to your business. We’re experts in Saleforce service cloud implementations and have have worked with many companies to help them achieve their service goals.

As always, remember, the coffee’s on me…