How to Create an Instagram Photo Contest in Salesforce – Part 1

  June 20, 2014       Francesco Iervolino

Francesco Iervolino is our Technical Architect who’s recently figured out a great way of running Instagram photo contests in Salesforce. We’ve already used it ourself – check out our photo competition here.

Here’s how he did it…

When I saw Instagram’s 2013 statistics, I was incredibly impressed by the numbers. Every year Instagram grows at an incredible rate. In 2013, Instagram grew by 23%, while Facebook only grew by 3%. As Instagram’s userbase grows, so does the number of Photo Competitions and Contests.

Last year numerous companies ran contests, like Heineken, Mercedes, Oreo and Armani, and they all got great results and a solid return on investment in terms of brand perception and awareness. They engaged users by creating new interactions, strengthening brand perception and rewarding the participants. In this post I will show you how to plan, run, monitor and analyse an Instagram Photo contest directly in Salesforce.

It is very important when planning your content to have a clear goal in mind, and define the KPIs which will determine campaign success.

Choose an easy-to-use hashtag and suitable reward for the successful participants.

Key metrics for the contest may be aggregated likes and comments across all submitted pictures with the defined hashtag (Eg: #makepositive), as well as the number of active participants and the total number of entries.

In my example we will start building the app with Instagram’s standard campaign object, and we will create a custom object to store information related to users and pictures entered in to the campaign.

Custom Objects

  • Social Media User
  • Picture

We have to add the following fields to the standard campaign to collect the required statistics.

Instagram Campaign Settings

  • Hashtag
  • Num Winners
  • Expected Contents
  • Expected Users

Instagram Campaign Result

  • Num Pictures
  • Num Users
  • NumLikes
  • NumComments

Eventually we will have a data model like this:

running a instagram competition

Now let’s create an API client, following the instructions available at the following link:

running a instagram competition

The next step is to generate the access token to be used with the API (for more information please follow the instructions available on the Instagram Developer website).

Now let’s create a Visualforce Page with an Apex Controller extension to handle the integration with Instagram and render a preview of all the pictures in the campaign.

Finally, let’s include it in the Standard Campaign Page Layout. Eventually, the page will look like this:

running a instagram competition

Next, let’s create a page to manage all the pictures and import them into the campaign. This page is accessible via a button on the Campaign page, titled “Import Pictures”.

The import functionality can be automated via a scheduled Apex Class, but we want to filter out pictures that we don’t consider compliant with the terms and conditions of the campaign.

Finally, let’s create a public page using that will publish all the accepted entries, in real time:

“The people will fight to be part of the contest and get the picture published on your website”

The page can be easily integrated with your business’s official website.

Here an example of what the contest page may look like:

running a instagram competition

You can watch the demo below:

Stay Tuned