makepositive have implemented Salesforce for over 15 years – and well over 1,200 times! With that kind of experience, we’ve learned a few things along the way. For starters, we take an agile approach to our implementations. We know this is the best way to get you up and running quickly, so that your implementation adds value and starts showing return on investment as soon as possible. Our consultants design and implement everything according to Salesforce best practice so that you can be sure you’re getting a robust solution that will grow with your business. We also make sure to capture and continually reprioritise new requirements as we go so that you’ve got a roadmap for success going forward.

A well designed and delivered Salesforce implementation will:

  1. Provide a scalable platform from which to grow your business
  2. Support your business to achieve faster, more sustainable growth
  3. Enable your team to collaborate across clouds, devices, and geographies
  4. Increase customer satisfaction and lead conversion

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