Today’s competitive battlefield is SERVICE. Period. – Part 7: The Positive Contact Key Design Principles

  March 9, 2015       Martin Taylor


#6 Show me you know me

Personalisation is hugely important to today’s customer, all the studies show that customers who receive a personalised service are more likely to be loyal and to advocate their experiences to peers.

My own personal view has always been that the basis of successful Customer Relationship Management is ‘industrialised personalisation’. The concept that when I walk into my local pub, I’m greeted by name and the bar staff know what I want before I ask – the trick is in how you deliver this level of service to all of your customers whenever they require.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could deliver a personalised service across all your contact channels?

So, is this possible?

Situational routing – routing based on the current customer situation – is a cornerstone of the makepositive Positive Contact proposition.

With a blend of NewVoiceMedia’s Universal queueing – a multi-channel cloud contact application – that manages voice, e-mail, social media and chat channels, together with Salesforce Service Cloud, makepositive have created accelerators to enable routing based on a set of business and customer requirements.

These ‘data sets’ could be based on the value or potential value of a customer, the number of recent cases that have been reported or raised across any channel, recent customer satisfaction scores, behaviour suggesting they are about to defect or any number of other information.

We can determine the most appropriate route into your customer service operation – whether that be to an appropriately skilled advisor, the last person who dealt with the customer, a self-service application or a remote engineer, then set the customer expectation and let them know via a recorded announcement, an electronic response or other means.

This could be the most significant thing you change in your customer service offer and still gain massive competitive advantage. I quote one customer service guru…

“I believe this could be big…”

Martin Hill-Wilson – Brainfood Consulting

makepositive can help you quantify the change that this could make to your customers, to help us do this, we would start by understanding your operations current maturity level against a set of functions.

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