Today’s competitive battlefield is SERVICE. Period. – Part 6: The Positive Contact Key Design Principles

  March 5, 2015       Martin Taylor



#5 Measure what matters and learn

Call and contact centres have laboured under various measures since their inception. In the early days, the technology that supported the advisors was able to monitor and measure various productivity measures. As contact centres evolved and matured, the technology moved on apace but the productivity measures became more established.

I think we all know that it’s time to refocus, I also think it’s fair to say that newer customer focussed measures have already began to become embedded.

So, we’ve all began the transformation from pure play productivity, through the quality measures to things like Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction measures.

I think the current ‘measurements’ and Management Information (MI) challenge is more around the ease of access to the data and the skilful interpretation of the data to drive real, beneficial transformation.

Gone are the days of manage what you can measure because you can pretty much measure everything within the contact centre, it’s much more about measure the parameters that can drive and evaluate change in line with your and your customer’s values and experiences.

Management information is dead, long live Management information…

Makepositive’s take-aways for managing your performance data:

  1. Assess your current reporting maturity and capabilities
  2. Understand what measures will reflect and speak to the needs of your key stakeholders
  3. Add value through insight
  4. Move away from performance-based targets to behavioural-based targets
  5. Know your audience and deliver a tailored report format
  6. Be aware of conflicting metrics and targets
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Always learn and act – don’t collect data and allow it to gather dust…use it

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