Today’s competitive battlefield is SERVICE. Period. – Part 5: The Positive Contact Key Design Principles

  March 4, 2015       Martin Taylor



#4 Enable with technology

As far as ‘industrialising’ your Customer Relationship Management and your Customer Experiences, I think it’s agreed that we need a successful blend of the right people, processes that focus on customer need and an infrastructure of enabling technologies that equip the business to manage the customer in order to produce great experiences and customer advocate.

In my experience (since I was slim and had a full head of hair right up to now…judge for yourselves), this ‘blend’ is very difficult to achieve and the technology component is tricky to say the least.

Here’s the challenges I have come across during my 25 year customer service career:

  1. Major mismatch between IT and Operations – in language, terms and priorities
  2. Major mismatch between user requirements and budgets
  3. Existing estate of technology that overlaps in terms of functionality
  4. Clunky, difficult to train user interfaces
  5. Technology designed by technologists
  6. Seemingly endless integration issues and complexities
  7. Complex commercial issues
  8. New releases that throw other systems out of kilter
  9. Unsupportive IT departments

Probably not an exhaustive list but…

So, how about we flip our technology needs on the head

Wouldn’t it be great if we could clear the decks, start over and:

Start with our customer needs and design the technology to enable these?

The good news is that makepositive believe that as far as servicing your customers successfully, the right technology is developed and sits at the heart of our Positive Contact proposition.

Our aim is to support the working relationship with this technology to ensure you get the best from it all day, every day. We have wrapped this technology together with our expertise, experience and pre-built accelerators to ensure that you can leverage every possible advantage from it quickly and easily.

We’ll show you ours, if you show us yours – invite us in to assess your current technology landscape and advise accordingly.


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