Today’s competitive battlefield is SERVICE. Period. – Part 4: The Positive Contact Key Design Principles

  March 2, 2015       Martin Taylor

Human Resources


#3 Build a high performing, tenured team

The customer is King, so the old posters told us…so whom do we want to engage with the ‘king’? Clearly, we want systems designed with the ‘king’ in mind and front line teams who sole focus is on the ‘king’ and making you the first port of call for all Royal patronage.

With this in mind, your front line teams are massively important in terms of owning the customer relationship and demonstrating your values, products and services in the best possible light.

Also, in commercial terms, your operational team represents in excess of 70% of your costs.

Building and maintaining a high performing team is crucial to delivering outstanding customer service, you can have all the technology in the world but if your employees are disengaged you’ve got some problems.

The question is simple, are all your advisors performing optimally?

In order to deliver engaged advisors, the challenges you need to address are:

  1. Do your advisors feel valued and supported?
  2. Are they enabled and empowered to deliver what is expected?
  3. Have they got access to the tools and information they need to help your customers?
  4. Are your processes shaped to support them?
  5. Is your operational vision customer focussed, clear and bought into?
  6. If I perform better, am I recognised for doing so?

There are some daunting challenges listed above and addressing them is not straightforward and by the way, getting it right one day doesn’t mean the conundrum is cracked, it just means you have to maintain it from there.

So, is there a Nirvana?

Probably not, but you can certainly improve your advisor performance measurably.

Makepositive have a Workforce Optimisation proposition that we’d be happy to share with you however there are some steps you need to take before even this.

  1. Ensure your customer vision is clear, communicated and bought into by every single employee
  2. Develop a well thought through people plan for your customer service operation
  3. Ensure that your communications are two-way and that you demonstrate that you listen – remember, your advisors very often reflect the views of your customers
  4. Recognise your advisors in the same way you’d like to recognise your customers – as individuals with individual needs
  5. Build or re-energise your teams around the needs of both the customers and the teams

If you need any support on this, please contact makepositive, we can measure your current situation easily and suggest improvement initiatives that benefit all.

And, remember this, from senior management to front line employees, the customer-centric vision must be straightforward, understood and apparent in everything they do – if you don’t directly serve the customer or don’t serve the people who do, what are you doing?

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