Is he a Customer Service Advisor?

  April 3, 2015       Martin Taylor



At the moment, probably not, he’s a courier…

But he does ‘touch’ the customer, in the same way that a remote engineer or a meter reader does OR a ‘customer service advisor’.

So I guess the more appropriate question is “Should he and can he be a Customer Service Advisor?”

In my view, anyone who ‘touches’ the customer has a responsibility to represent the brand and the values – in fact, could extending the customer service culture and relationship beyond the customer service centre engage both the employee and the customer more appropriately?

But, should we invest and equip field based employees with the tools and training to deliver exceptional customer care, wouldn’t that just be a whole lot of expense?

This depends on a couple of things:

  1. The focus of your business
  2. The market in which you operate


Let’s be absolutely honest – a change of this nature has to either deliver you a competitive edge or drive down your cost to serve, preferably both.

I think this could add significantly to your bottom line for these reasons:

  • Wow factor – think about the advocacy this could generate
  • Human factor to engage customers
  • Employee engagement
  • Market share and profitability


I would be genuinely bowled over if my courier could pick up the mis-delivered item at the same time they delivered the new one or I could discuss my gas bill with the meter reader or close my open case with the remote engineer at the same time as having the repair made…and I would certainly share the stories with friends.

The human factor is being talked about more and more as a key driver of advocacy and what better way of engaging than to extend the role of face to face with the tools to deliver knowledge, case management and escalations.

Looking at this from an employee perspective, wouldn’t it be great if your field based employees would be able to better prove their value with customer engagement measures as well as just ‘productivity’ measures and be rewarded accordingly – that would up the game, wouldn’t it?

So, the first question ought to be – how much customer value would extending the service offer to the field add and should we do this before someone else does?

So, now re-look at the picture….should he be a Customer Service Advisor?