Tube Strike – Taking the Cloud for Granted

  April 29, 2014       Richard Clark

As yet another Tube strike descends on London and the roads become gridlocked, the bus queues become overcrowded and tempers begin to flare, we’re struck by how lucky we are to work in an industry that is now so dominated by Cloud Computing. Here’s some thoughts from our CTO – Richard Clark…

Working with and other cloud providers, I no longer need to turn up to an office to complete my daily schedule. In fact, it’s fair to say I always get more done when I’m not in the office!

Broadband was our first breakthrough, albeit too slow to be truly useful for more than email originally, quickly followed by mobile phones – now the bane of our lives where we can be contacted any time and almost anywhere in the world. Today I have a 1Gb fibre connection being installed. I doubt I’ll ever buy another DVD.

So days like today where I don’t have to fight for a seat, I don’t have to endure a 2 hour commute instead of a 30 minute one, I really appreciate  my internet connection, laptop, smartphone and especially the apps I work with.

My day today consists of preparing slides for a client pitch tomorrow, deploying changes for our Salesforce1 London Party App and working through the workbooks, mini-hacks and presenter slides for the Salesforce1 Developer Week which I am co-presenting at in London tomorrow.

With Salesforce1, Chatter, Gmail and Skype, I’m only marginally less available than I would otherwise be – and that’s also a good thing for avoiding interruptions!

So thank you RMT for going on strike this week – I’ll be spending less on travel to work and lunch, I’ll get more work done and I’ll have more time to work or play as I see fit. Oh, and curse you RMT for forcing me to waste time in taxis tomorrow night when I give up my evening to support the community along with many other UK partner employees.

Finally, thank you, Google, Apple and even Microsoft (well, they haven’t completely ruined Skype) for giving us the tools that let some of us work from anywhere in the world.