How I got myself this great job at makepositive using LinkedIn – Part – 7

  March 24, 2015       PeiMun Lim

Chapter 7 – The Dilemma.  And the Decision.

It is nice to be wanted.  These sort of things don’t happen to me very often. In fact, I don’t ever remember it ever happening at all.  I believe it’s probably a mixture of really good luck and good timing.  Summer of ’14 seems to be a good time for the CRM job market – both contract and permanent. The Bank comes back with an offer, as does the other Dynamics CRM contract role. makepositive does as well.  It looks like they don’t believe that the knowledge gap will be an issue with me. However, the first Salesforce partner does not think I would be a good enough fit.  The feedback is that the knowledge gap would be too much of a challenge to overcome, both to upgrade my brain with Salesforce-stuff, as well as getting to grips with the agile methodology.   Thankfully they seem to be the only one who thinks so. I now have two real options.

Option 1: Contract Programme Manager role at the Bank. This would mean:

  1. I’ll be able to reduce the length of my mortgage AND feed  my Costco addiction
  2. It will give me some in-depth experience in the finance sector which would mean that future contract roles in the same industry would be easier to come by
  3. I’d be able to move into the Programme Management arena more easily and lord my ego over other Project Manager minions



  1. I probably won’t get very much time to train the little ninjas into level 10 assassins.  They can barely slice through a fish finger cleanly with a butter knife as it is.
  2. The world of finance doesn’t set my blood on fire.  Not unless they let me form a corporate World of Warcraft Guild and reward performance with extra cool fighting gear and weaponry.  In the office.


Option 2: Salesforce Project Manager at makepositive.

  1. The really nice buzzy work atmosphere. Of course I’ve only experienced this once during the interview but I really doubt anyone would put up a show for my benefit.
  2. I get to work with what looks like a cool bunch of people.  While waiting to do my interview, I overheard some of them making plans to go out at the weekend. Work colleagues? Socialising outside of work? It’s unheard of!
  3. Standards seem very high, and they have a high reject rate as they make the recruitment process very difficult on purpose.  In fact, they interview contractors on behalf of Salesforce for professional services work.  Working with people who know what they are doing is almost as awesome as a basket full of puppies.
  4. I will be able to spend quality time with my little ninjas.  The work from home arrangements are great, and as long as the work gets done, the company is flexible with where I do it from.
  5. I will get a chance to experience the wider world outside of Dynamics CRM.
  6. I will have to get out of my comfortable Waterfall-ey PRINCE2 brain into the nimble world of Agile project management.
  7. I might get into the office ping pong games and become Olympic champion of the universe!



  1. Bye bye Costco card  *sniff*
  2. I will only be able to exercise my megalomaniacal tendencies in the smaller team within remit of Project Management.

It’s actually not a difficult choice. I get a good vibe from talking to the makepositive team, and this helps me makes the decision.  Sure, I will miss indulging in my 2 kg pot of hummus, and it’s great to know that I will never have to improvise in the loo as I have cupboard full of Cotsco toilet rolls ‘just in case’. But I’ll give this little hippy-sounding company a chance.  So on a very hot day in mid-August, I call Mrs Head of People and accept the position.  She’s actually on her day off, on a shoe-shopping trip with her kids, but she takes the call from me anyway. “I’m really glad – *muffled* come back here with that shoe! – to hear that you’re joining us, holdonaminute,” I hear the sound go muffled again. “Stop walking around with your socks and try this school-approved pair!” “Sorry about that – welcome to the family!” I can hear her beaming down the phone. “Now, the Professional Director is away on holiday, so why don’t you start in three weeks’ time and have an extended summer break?” How very awesome!  And so, I do.  I spend the rest of the summer with my favourite little people, and, in the meantime, I get more excited about my first day at makepositive. I am really looking forward to coming on board. My plan for world domination will now need to take into account the ‘cloud’ factor.  Shhh.