How I got myself this great job at makepositive using LinkedIn – Part-1

  January 29, 2015       PeiMun Lim

This is a seven part blog on how I secured a job at makepositive using LinkedIn as part of my job hunting strategy.



Chapter 1 – The Situation

“When are you going to get a job?” Husband screws his nose. “Like, a proper one?”

I huff at him and turn my attention back to my laptop displaying my Amazon basket.

“I mean, what are you going to do with that milking machine? And do we really need more gloves??”

I huff again. Doesn’t he know how much milk the kids drink? And that they lose gloves every other day? Who would keep the house running in perfect order and harmony if it wasn’t for me and my one-click Amazon Prime purchases?

Life as a contractor is great. It allows me to buy (almost) whatever I want without actually worrying too much about the cost. Costco makes a lot of money out of me, as I stock up on bog rolls, kitchen paper, Dettol sprays, Comfort fabric softener, a billion plastic cutlery and stacks of disposable bowls as well as slabs of farmed salmon and flocks of plucked chicken. If ever there was a Zombie Apocalypse, I will be the one who has the last laugh.

“Come on, seriously, Wife, don’t you think it’s time you think about what to do next? Our bank account isn’t a bottomless well, you know.”

In between contracts, I now have time (and that little spare cash… which I am told isn’t limitless…) to shop – both online and in real stores.

“Mum, don’t forget you’re helping Miss Harrison in my class tomorrow.” Little ninja #1 (also known as Twin 1) reminds me. Another perk I really like about being a contractor is that I get to spend time with the kids in between gigs. Being able to walk them to school, being there for pickup to hear about their adventures and mishaps are great benefits.

I also get to spend time window shopping and having lunch with pre-schooler little ninja #3.

I feel that this lifestyle works for me very well. I enjoy these ‘breaks’ where I can train up my little ninja army as part of my diabolical plan to take over the world.

I’ve been contracting for quite a while. It’s actually very interesting, implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects for different businesses and organisations, dealing with people with different power dynamics. The last role was a Programme Manager one, which was very challenging and stimulating at the same time. 70+ hour weeks with almost weekly deployment of projects generated a swathe of greys, requiring numerous applications of ‘Nice ‘n Easy’.

However, I miss having a team that’s more permanent than the one gig. I miss having the support structure of an organisation who would have my back. I feel like Tony Stark without Pepper Potts and Jarvis. I feel like Dorothy without Toto and the other weirdos. It’s lonely here. All by my contract-ey lonesome.

Anyway, after having had a few months off, I decide that I should start looking for my next gig. How should I go about it? I’ve been in the Dynamics market long enough that contract referrals came through my contacts and networks.

What should I do next?

Another Programme Manager role in Dynamics? Perhaps. However, my previous contract left me little time to spend with my little ninjas. Do I want to do that again?

Should I quit contracting and become a ‘permie’? I don’t think I’d mind either way. However, I do want to try new things, different things.

I need to find The Perfect Job. But what does it look like? And how do I go about bagging myself one? And actually, is there such a thing?

After the Croydon gig, I was offered an incredible opportunity to be part of a new enterprise, capitalising on what we’ve built in order to replicate across other local councils across the country. This had potential to be pretty massive, and the financial rewards looked incredibly promising. However, I would have to invest a lot more of my time and myself that I am willing to give up at this point. So I bowed out of that one.

Not while the little ones are still finding their place in the world.

This means that I need to be gainfully employed. I will have plenty of time to start a business when they become rebellious sullen teen ninjas, but for now – I’ll need a job.