Life as a PM – Agile is a dirty word

  October 29, 2014       Amanda Beard-Neilson

Many clients I meet get worried about Agile. They don’t understand its concept and immediately have impressions that their project will be delivered in a slapdash style and at break neck speed.

It’s true, the methodology of Agile can allow for products to be delivered at a quicker pace than traditional project management methods. It allows for iterative development and continuous engagement with the client to ensure what is being produced meets their expectations.

Here at makepositive we apply Prince2 alongside Agile and together, the methodologies of control and delivery shape the way we perform.

Prince2 has a home within software development. We use it to monitor the project at every key Process stage: pre-project, initiation, delivery stages and close. We fall back on Principals to ensure that we embody established best practice and governance. We are always mindful of our client’s success criteria and essentially the business case for the project. We learn from previous experience and share the knowledge internally. We tailor each delivery to suit the client and ensure we use terminology and examples that they understand so they remain constantly engaged throughout. We focus on the outputs – the products and use regular show and tells to refer back to the client for their feedback.

For Prince2 Themes we use our internal governance to ensure our standards of delivery remain high, that the solution we build is fit for purpose, scalable and future proof. We advise our clients throughout the project the best practice options for their system. We monitor progress throughout and communicate as the client needs via regular meetings and status reports to highlight the outputs, any risks and to manage changes as they arise.
Overall we Tailor Prince2 to each project we engage. All our clients are unique but have very similar goals. We all want a successful project. We all want to end up with a system that each client will adopt and continuously engage with and receive great benefit from.

Blending Prince2 and Agile together helps us to ensure that we complete our projects efficiently and with the control it requires. It gives us the traction to know that what we are building meets client’s expectations. We develop following our in-house standards while not losing the momentum to constantly deliver along the way.
Agile doesn’t have to be a dirty word. It can work in partnership with Prince2 and together produce exacting results.

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