Automate Salesforce Testing

  December 5, 2013       Pierre Positiveur

Embarking on a Salesforce project can present some fairly daunting testing requirements such as:.

  • You need to prove that your Salesforce functionality works as expected, with functionality such as complex workflows, custom processing and reports.
  • Your project will most often need to interface with your existing IT system, providing a tricky and time sapping end-to-end testing challenge.
  • You will need to do load and performance testing to ensure your SLAs can be met.

The above becomes so much more challenging in Agile or phased delivery cycles where you’ll need to ensure that each new delivery has not broken previously tested functionality.


It is widely accepted that automating this testing provides huge savings in time and expenditure while greatly reducing delivery risk, for your currently delivery as well as future deliveries, enhancements and bug fixes.

However, until now, there has not been a tightly integrated and effective way of achieving true end-to-end test automation in the Salesforce space.

Here’s a video of our presentation of Provar at Dreamforce 2013– the Salesforce automated testing Solution.

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