Nimil Christopher

Nimil is a Managing Technical Consultant at makepositive. He is a certified Administrator and Advanced Developer, and also the JavaScript Skill Champion at makepositive. He has a background in computer science and software Engineering and has worked on several projects on the salesforce CRM,, Amazon AWS and Heroku platforms. He is also a music junkie (He might not know any of the songs or artists that are on the charts or radio, but he’d like to keep the faith and hope Meshuggah might someday be considered Mainstream) He will mostly be blogging on PAAS, Javascript and topics.

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Introducing the OpenTok Server API on Salesforce

What is OpenTok Opentok is a platform that enables developers to build live, face-to-face video and audio conferencing facilities directly into their web and mobile applications. OpenToks REST APIs allow you to build WebRTC applications with far fewer lines of code, enabling you to focus on building amazing applications as opposed to writing off-the-shelf webRTC […]


Date: July 2, 2015
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