Salesforce Summer 15 Release – Sales Cloud Highlights

  May 12, 2015       Erin Elliott

Summer 15 Logo

Can’t motivate yourself to get through the 270 pages of Summer 15 release notes? We didn’t think so. To help you out, here are my top picks from the Sales Cloud updates.

1. Assign Territories to Opportunities More Efficiently (Generally Available)


For those of you currently using territory management, this is quite a nice new feature. Filter-based opportunity territory assignment is now available, which means there is more flexibility on how to decide which territory an opportunity belongs to. Though the assignment is code based (so not particularly admin friendly), this flexibility means that opportunities are not limited to just the account territories and also helps the issue when an account belongs to multiple territories. I think this feature could be really useful for multinational accounts, where opportunities could become apparent in many different geographical locations.

2.  Cumulative Forecast Roll-ups for Collaborative Forecasting

Cumulative forecast roll-ups are a new feature for customisable forecasting, which gives sales users a clearer view of their total monthly or quarterly sales figures.

As you can see in the example below, the forecast columns show collective amounts from the opportunities in the named forecast category, as well as subsequent categories in the sales pipeline. This view makes it easier for sales teams to see the total numbers they’re likely to bring in, saving them from manually combining the category totals themselves.



3. Email Connect – Exchange Sync (Beta)

Improvements keep coming for this new offering to connect your email system to Salesforce. The Summer 15 release now provides us with a way to ensure that contacts and events in your Exchange-based email system are always in sync with contacts and events in Salesforce, without asking users to install and maintain software on their computers, and this now includes all-day events as well.

This is a great feature and really worth trying out, especially if you have issues using the existing Salesforce for Outlook plug-in.


4. Salesforce for Outlook

As of the Winter 16 release, Connect for Outlook will be retired. This means it’s important that you upgrade to Salesforce for Outlook or Email Connect as soon as possible. One of the new features that could make this easier for you is that you can now install Salesforce for Outlook for the current user and/or all users sharing the computer you are installing onto. This is a useful feature, especially for companies with ‘hot desk’ policies where computer sharing happens regularly.


5. Notes (Beta)


Notes has been an area where we haven’t seen any improvement for quite a while! The new release shows some big changes to the way Notes work. Firstly, Notes will be stored as Chatter files and means they are now searchable within the system! The editor accommodates rich text formatting, which makes it easier to produce structured notes from meetings, for example. You can now also follow Notes records, which means being able to see in the Chatter feed whenever the note is updated. The improvements here hopefully means that your sales teams will be even more encouraged to work just out of one system! See our previous blog for how Notes can also be beneficial for the Service Cloud (Spring 15 Highlights:

6. Campaigns for Communities

Users with Partner Community licenses now have read, create, and edit permission on Campaigns. This is a small change to the licence access, but it means that it will now be much easier to collaborate with marketing agencies that you may be working with on various campaigns.

Taking this a step further, makepositive’s Passport 4 Communities keeps your Chatter feeds and groups in one place, whether in Chatter Desktop, Salesforce1 Mobile app or in the browser. This makes it even easier for your employees to connect with your external Communities to seamlessly collaborate, share information and resolve questions.

7. Convert Leads in Salesforce1 (Generally Available)


We had the beta release for lead conversion in Winter 15, closely followed by duplicate management in Spring 15. Now we finally have lead conversion generally available in Summer 15! This is a big feature announcement, as Salesforce1 is all about being able to manage your business on the go. Sales reps can now convert qualified leads to contacts, as well as create accounts and opportunities at the same time.

It’s easy to make this option available, by going to Setup > Customize > Leads > Settings, and then selecting the option to enable conversions on the Salesforce1 app.

A few other small but useful features I particularly liked from the release are:

  • State and country picklists now available in Salesforce1.
  • You can now decide whether you want to display the Lead Assignment checkbox on the edit page of a Lead. Perfect solution, as I have found it can sometimes be confusing for end-users.
  • A feature requested by a colleague at makepositive: Chatter posts will now be editable after posting (
  • The official Dataloader will be available for Mac as well as Windows, rather than needing to rely on LexiLoader to catch up with the Salesforce releases.

If you would like any more information on the features mentioned, please contact makepositive here.