Happy Birthday Salesforce!

  March 7, 2014       Pierre Positiveur

Birthday wishes from our CEO – Mark Richards…

The dominant player in cloud computing turns fifteen today. Many happy returns Salesforce.com.

What can I tell you about the impact of Salesforce that you don’t already know? Perhaps, the effect it’s had on our business?

Prior to becoming obsessed with Salesforce, we believed we had our customers backs. Our conversations were generally positive – “you’ll see the benefit very soon – within twelve months all going well”, “we will be able to get that product change process down to a month”.

And then bang. Almost overnight, we were introduced to not just a new technology, but a new approach. Combined with agile delivery, we were able to start delivering benefit within days. We had genuinely delighted and surprised customers. Our teams suddenly had much more variety of projects and interesting challenges. We finally had a partner ecosystem that broke the old mould of “partners haft”. All of this, whilst growing from twenty to eighty in our team in the space of three years.

There are challenges of course. Expectations have risen dramatically – on all sides. The temptation to build product on the platform is strong but not easy, and those governor limits do sometimes get in the way.

There is a reason we’re obsessed with you Salesforce – you’ve changed the way we operate and enabled our success.

Thank you and here’s to another fifteen years at the top.