London Salesforce Developers Meetup 16th April 2014

  April 23, 2014       Richard Clark

Richard BoardmanFree Labour On Wednesday 16th April we hosted the monthly London Salesforce Developers Meetup group at our London office. Here’s a quick blog by our CTO – Richard Clark summarising the evening…The pizzas arrived first, quickly followed by the first attendees. Despite being a group focused on developers we had a good turnout of people across different backgrounds. In total we have 579 members registered to the Meetup group now – not bad at all!Unlike other events, this time we had a presenter from in San Francisco, Richard Boardman (Lead User Researcher at for Salesforce1). The change in subject focus brought a number of new faces to the gathering which was very refreshing and we hope they come back again.The session kicked off with an interactive presentation from Richard describing some of the history of Salesforce1 and how his team gather user feedback and the ways in which they monitor and record user experience of Salesforce1. Unlike browser based apps, it’s not possible to screen share using Web Conferencing tools and Richard showed us the simple ways in which they captured different user’s experience remotely – even using a laptop web cam pointing at an iPad. High tech it wasn’t! The great news was that don’t consider Salesforce1 the finished article by far and the roadmap for further development sounds like it will be active for some time yet.


During the discussion Richard involved the audience and, in addition to the usual troublemakers (myself included), we had contributions from some new speakers; which was excellent. A number of questions people had related to more than just Salesforce1 and I think if the normal UI was under discussion Richard would have had a much harder time!

Richard then did the unthinkable…he got everyone to work for for free and draw up their ideas for their ideal Salesforce Mobile Experience. Most people responded and there were some very good and varied ideas raised such as;


  • Allowing access to publisher actions by swiping records in mobile card lists.
  • Enabling users to hide Chatter feed items they’ve read by swiping.
  • Allowing users to choose to have multiple cards or scroll record details
  • Having better ways to access recent items.

There was even some blue sky thinking from our very own Kim Hellbom on making devices more predictive and intelligent in anticipating our needs based on past usage and calendar activity. If I’m scheduled to be in a meeting, why not start showing me cards for the attendees or opening my Evernote app ready for me to take notes?

Whilst clearing the mess of pizza boxes and beer cans after the event, I found another idea on a post-it for a Fractal Navigation System someone had been too shy to hand in. Scroll through your mobile cards in a 3D carousel or fly through your records with gestures to move in and out of the fog of data.

The session closed with a few more questions and answers and suggestions for a Chatter Group on the Success Community especially for UX. Then it was time to clear up and head down to the local bar for additional liquid refreshment. A good time had by all.

The next event is in two weeks’ time as part of the Salesforce1 Developer Week – please sign up and join us for hands on building both beginner and advanced apps on the Salesforce1 platform – both technical and non-technical people welcome!