5 Quick Wins for Service in the Summer 15 Release

  May 11, 2015       Hetty Boardman

Summer 15 Logo

There’s a lot of great new service-related features in the Summer 15 Release Notes. Some look like major changes: we’ve got Omni-Channel, SOS Buttons and the realisation of Social Customer Service, to name just three.

But this release is also packed with great little features that could bring big efficiency gains for your service organisation. Enabling all of these is so quick that you could start realising the benefits on the very day of your Summer 15 release.

I’ve listed my top 5 of these quick wins below, including one special bonus feature… Read on to find out more!

5. Able to Edit Case Feed Posts (and Chatter too)

Users can now edit their posts and comments in the Case Feed. This goes for general Chatter too! This is a major new improvement and a top trending Idea on the IdeaExchange, masterminded by our very own Technical Consultant Ali Zafar. It will definitely save users a lot of time in the long run: no need to delete the post and re-post for a minor correction!

edit-chatterImage shows the new ability to amend typos in the feed after posting

Action Needed:
This is enabled by default for any user on a standard profile. However, you’re likely to be using one or more custom profiles, and this is Salesforce’s best practice (they don’t have standard Sales or Service profiles for this reason). The permission needs to be added to custom profiles, and to do this you can choose between ‘Edit My Own Posts’ or ‘Edit Posts on Records I Own’. Just bear in mind that the latter permission brings great power (and great responsibility): if a user owns the record, he or she will be able to edit any other users’ posts on that record!

4. Highlight External Feed Items in Case Feed

This will be a really useful highlighting feature if you have a Community serving your customers. It’s not always obvious in the Case Feed whether items are internal to your organisation or whether they are exposed to your customers as well. This can lead to issues where an agent can mistake the visibility of an item, leading to miscommunication with the customer. By highlighting any externally visible items in orange in the Case Feed, your agents will be helped to stay aware of the forum in which they are communicating to help improve communication with the customer and reduce unnecessary errors.

Action Needed:
Enable the setting in the Feed View settings area of any relevant feed-based case page layout.

3. Attach Article to Case Directly From Article

This feature allows you to attach an Article to a Case directly from the Article detail page, instead of having to go back to the Article list. Before this was available, an agent would have to search for an Article, view the Article page, then go back to the Article list to attach the Article, which was time-consuming and could sometimes lead to errors.
This simple new feature adds two buttons to the Article detail page (or one, if you’re in the Console) which gives the user the ability to ‘Attach to Case’ or ‘Attach and Return to Case’.

iphone-supportImage showing the new feature that lets agents attach Articles directly to Cases

Once clicked, the Article will be attached to the Case immediately and the agent can be navigated back to the Case automatically (if they use the second button). This is a small improvement but will be a definite time-saver if Articles are part of your support process.

(Note: if this is used in a Console, only the first button will show: no ‘Attach and Return to Case’ option is needed since the Article will have opened in a separate tab next to the Case tab. After clicking ‘Attach to Case’, the agent would just close the Article tab to land back on the Case tab.

Action Needed:
None – this will start working immediately after your Summer 15 release date.

2. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for Articles (BETA)

Summer 15 sees a new, simpler way of rating Articles internally. Thumbs-up or thumbs-down is an alternative to the existing 1-5 star system. It has a pleasing simplicity which should encourage agents to vote more and so increase the reliability of Article ratings.

Appearance aside, it behaves in the same way as the original 1-5 star system, so that users’ votes will show up in search results next to the Articles.

iphone-support-2Image showing the new thumbs-up / thumbs-down rating system for articles

NOTE: This feature is still in Beta, meaning that it has some known limitations, such as not being supported in Internet Explorer 8. (You can read about the others here).

Action Needed:
Since this feature is in Beta you may need to raise a Case with Salesforce Support to get it enabled in your organisation. After that you can enable it under Knowledge > Settings in setup.

1. Live Agent Conferencing

This new feature allows agents to conference additional agents into a chat to give their insight on a customer’s issue. This is my favourite new item because it empowers agents and customers alike. Agents are often encouraged to collaborate to solve an issue effectively, but this can be difficult to manage with standard Live Agent functionality. Even transferring a chat to a different agent to solve an issue can disrupt the flow of conversation, delay its resolution, and reduce the learning potential for the original agent.

This new feature closes this functionality gap, bringing a clear benefit to any support organisations using Live Agent.

BONUS: Transferring Workspace with Transfer or Conference

This is such a useful little addition to the feature above that it seemed worth an extra mention. This new feature means that when an agent transfers a chat or conferences an additional agent into a chat, any related records will open on the new agent’s screen when they accept the chat. This means that the new agent can get up to date quickly with the issue at hand.

Even better, this new feature will also prompt the first agent to save and attach their work, if they have open unsaved records or records which are not attached to the chat that they are transferring. This will help to give the new agent the full context of the issue, along with confidence that they are working off the most recent version of the information.

Action Needed:
None – this will start working immediately after your Summer 15 release date.